Saturday, April 16, 2016

Child and Family Festival at Khobar Corniche

Starting from last week, we can enjoy free entertainment for family and child in Khobar Corniche. The location is near the McDonald corniche. You can bring your children and family to see the attraction for free.
Festival for Kids and Family
You can see art and history exhibition. Painting, cartoon, and statues are presented.

Art Exhibition
There are so many activities for children. Your kids can join the activities like painting and handcrafting.
Children are making handcraft
Traditional cakes from Middle East like Kunafah are available. You can buy traditional snacks from Saadeddin.
Kunafah Cake
While enjoying the snacks, you can watch theatrical performance for children. There are so many art performances that can be seen.
Art Performance
The festival is held from 7 April 2016 until 16 April 2016. Visit your family to go there.
It is a free educational event for your family. Have a nice weekend.

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