Friday, May 13, 2016

Carpisa Sale in KSA

Carpisa is now on sale. A big brands on bags and women fashion have multiple items for sale. Carpisa is well known for its simple yet high quality products. As an international brand from Italy, Carpisa preserves the best models, even, on its sale.
Sale up to 70%
Because of its specialties, Carpisa store can be indicated by its small yet exclusive interior. One can find the same model for all Carpisa branches in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Dhahran Mall branch, Khobar area, for instance, has a small store. Even during promotion, there are not too many changes on the appearances of the shop.

The discount drives people to come and shop. The discount draws everyone attention regarding its high discount and low prices. Many latest model can be obtained in the discount duration.
A 49 SAR Carpisa Lady Bag
It is unbelievable, there are not many brands with high quality has this price. What a great deal! Put this into your collection. The great deal supplies many low prices products.
Legal Promotion
The special offer is on the track for 45 days. The offer will be annihilated near Ramadhan month. According to the letter, special offer will be destroyed on 4 June 2016.

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