Monday, May 9, 2016

Twenty4 Super Sale

Twenty4 is newly brand in clothing in gulf country. Twenty4 now is on great sale. Many products are provided in the sale. In Kingdom of Saudi Arabia(KSA), the sale is also performed on Dhahran Mall, Khobar area.
Sale 25%-70%
The sale is unavoidable. Everyone must be attracted to the sale.

In the promotion, girl shirts are able to be bought after 50% cut. Many shirt with various colors, red, bule, yellow, etc are promoted with low prices. The promotion also give you many models with long or short sleeves.
50% sale women shirt
The discount can not be rid off. Girl skirt and tank top are discounted such that the price becomes only 9 SAR.
items for 9 SAR
Everyone must see it as a special offers. Footwear like shoes and sandals, for kids and adults, men and women, are offered with a great offers.
twenty4 sale
There are many things in this world that can not be bought. But everyone should be able to purchase items in the twenty4 Sale.
Authorized Sale

The great deal will end on 14 May 2016. This super deal must not be passed.

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  1. I just want to comment on the schedule listed departing from Dammam going to Riyadh... all we know that the first trip/departure time is 2:00 am but unfortunately is not instead 6 am. i went to the bus terminal so early to catch the first trip but to my surprised the guard who is the only present informed me that earliest time for departure is 6 am.... so frustrated...

    kindly update the