Thursday, June 16, 2016

R&B Sale

R&B is a great brand on fashion. Modern style of clothing presents on R&B. On monthly basis, R&B always have a great deal. The deal can be in a form of specific pricing, percentage discount, or free bonuses.
R&B store in Dhahran Mall
The sale is still outperformed by other clothing retail. The sale, however, can not be rejected. The sale is ranging from 20% up to 75%.

No other promotion can be like this. The promotion must not be separated from other store.
15 SAR for children clothing
The discount is unbelievable. More than half price is discounted because of the promotion. The promotion is ultimately bringing passion for fashion.
Skechers Wardrobe
Now, Special offer is over. But, there will be a new special offer. Skechers brand is now offered in R&B. It is a good chance for a new foot wear.

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