Monday, November 12, 2018

Max Sale Khobar

Max is an alias for the City Max. One of the largest fashion retail in the middle east. This post will list the latest sale offered by Max.

Max Store in Amwaj Mall

Max is available in several malls and public location in Khobar. One of the biggest store Khobar is in Corniche road. The others can be found in Al Fanar Mall in Rakah District, Amwaj Mall, Dhahran Mall, and Khobar mall. Khobar mall store is like a small warehouse but you can find many interesting items there.

The following table lists the offers, sales, or promotions provided by Max in Khobar.

Max Sale 20-60% off in-store 
valid until: 13 April 2019
End of
season sale
20-60% off in-store and
valid until:16 January 2019
season offer
Now More Items available at
5, 10, 15, 20, and 25 SAR 
valid until: November 2018
Notice that some promotions are limited to a specific store only. This is due to some occasions like clearance for closing.

Max Sale upto 60%

Another sale for 20-60% off is valid until middle of April 2019 as depicted in the image above.

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