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Sunday, April 3, 2016

Lulu Hypermarket Promotions

Lulu Hypermarket is well-known for its promotion theme. Early of this month, Lulu hypermarket has a big promotion topic on global culinary.  The promotion is very interesting, it includes daily promotions, live cooking, hourly offers, etc. As one of the largest grocery in KSA, Lulu in eastern area are having promotions.
Food Fiesta Promotion
The special offers are very amazing. They offer so many daily needs including fruits and meats with a very low price. You can get mandarin orange for only 3.95 SAR and Avocado Kenya for 5.95 SAR.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

2016 Saudi Arabia Calendar

Happy new year folks!
We think it is not too late for us to say that. We hope this year will be much better than the previous years.
2016 Saudi Arabia Calendar

We would like to say thanks for all support from the reader. Here, we share 2016 Saudi Arabia Calendar in pdf format. you can download it from the following link. Contact us if you can not open the link. The calendar is from lulu hypermarket pamphlet. You can also get the printed calendar on lulu hypermarket on its new pamphlet.

Khobar news team,