Saturday, February 6, 2016

Carter's and OshKosh Sale at Dhahran Mall

When you need new attire for your kids, Carter's and OshKosh are the answer. Both brand provide you with the latest model of kids fashion. High quality design allows your kids to play actively outside. Now, this store in Dhahran Mall, Khobar-Dammam area, East Province, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, offers a very great promotion.
Carter's and OshKosh store in Dhahran Mall
The sale is up to 50%. Many items for babies and kids can be obtained with low prices. Toddler fashion is also available with cheap prices.
OshKosh and Carter's fashion
They have very good style for kids to play outside. the model are also good for winter and early spring fashion. Kids can play lively.
Kids Accessories

You can get many kids fashion accessories like sandals and hat starting form 19 SAR. The accessories allow your kid to play and enjoy the vacation joyfully.
Store opening hour
 you can visit the store on the opening hours. the store opens everyday.

50% discount also for kids shoes
Discount also available for kids shoes, both for boys and girls. The models are very attractive.
sock for 19SAR
To warm kids feet, socks are available starting from 19 SAR. there are so many models and colorful.
sale certificate
the certificate itself says that the discount are valid for 15 days. The promotion starts from 1437/04/17 until 1437/05/01 Hijri calendar coincides with 27 January 2016 until 10 February 2016. The store located at gate 6-7 Dhahran mall.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Reserved Sale Dhahran Mall

Middle East is a heaven for branded clothing shop. Dhahran Mall, near Khobar, East Province, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia provides many branded stores. One of them is RESERVED. Reserved is one of branded exclusive clothing retail in the world.
Reserved Sale
Recently, the store offers promotion with 25% to 70% discount. There are also buy 2 get 1 offers. You can also enjoy the luxurious style store. Keep you fashion updated.
Cool model Jacket from Reserved
Winter is a great season for fashion. there are so many stylish model for winter. You can get cool winter jacket for 145 SR from Reserved brand.
Women clothing promotion offers
You can also get women clothing with latest model from Reserved with sale price. Spring and Winter clothing is also available for you. Reserved is located at gate 6-7 Dhahran Mall. The promotion is relatively for short time.

25%-70% from cambers

You can get many good price for good clothing. The sale is valid for 30 days. The sale begin at 1437/03/30 until 1437/04/29 Hijri date corresponding to 10 January 2016 until 8 February 2016.