Monday, January 25, 2016

Ensure Services Authorized Service Center for HP, Lenovo, Toshiba, etc in Khobar-Dammam

If your electronic items got some problem or malfunctioning and it's still within factory warranty, it is better to bring your device to authorized service center to get free reparation services. For international brand like HP, Lenovo, Toshiba, Acer, Fujitsu, Compaq, Dell, etc you can come to Ensure Services on Hail Center, Khobar-Dammam Highway, Rakah area, Saudi Arabia. You can find many official service center for many brands including mentioned before.
Ensure Services on Hail Center, Khobar

To get free official services, you need to bring your devices, just in case you can bring all other accessories including the box, and original invoices. Most devices like gadget, mobile phones, LCD, printer, etc have one week store warranty and one year factory warranty. if it is still within store warranty you just need to come back to the store with item and the invoice, you can get new same item or money back. but, if it is outside store warranty but still within factory or manufacturer warranty you can come to the authorized service center. Ensure Services will give you official services including free parts if there is malfunctioning parts.
Ensure Services Arabia Staff
After showing your device and invoice, the staff will check the device and you can tell your complain for example your laptop can not start booting. They will give you receipt and you need to keep the receipt. the receipt contains your details and job order of the reparation. you can check the progress of your item from their website using the job order id. after one week or more, depend on the availability of the needed parts, you will get sms or email telling that your item has been fixed. come back to the office, bring your receipt, and take your item back. Sometimes, you need to check the your device if it is already fully working. if there is still something wrong you can return it immediately. if your device is out of warranty, there will be charge for the reparations and parts.
The office opens from 9am-1:30pm from Sunday to Thursday and 2:30pm-6:30pm on Friday and Saturday. You can contact Ensure Service office by phone +966 13 858 7682.

Friday, January 15, 2016

New Patient Registration at Teaching Hospital Registration for Referral

First of all, I need to emphasize the procedure that I mean. This is for person who get referral from local clinic of an government instance like public School or University  and want to register the patient to get treatment from Teaching Hospital Khobar as known as King Fahd University Hospital or King Fahd Hospital of the University(KFHU). You will get free treatment from emergency or diagnosis from specialists if you are government staff.
KFHU entrance, (Left) Non emergency New Patient registration, (Right) Emergency patient registration and Treatment

If you are in emergency, you need to bring your referral to the emergency department to get immediate treatment. You can see from image above. You need to bring your identity(iqama) and referral letter from clinic to the right building. You will see counter and you need to show your documents to the staff.

If  you are not in emergency or referred to Outpatient Department(OPD), you can go to the left building according to the picture above. For instance you want to check your eyes to the eye specialist for appointment, you can bring you document to the left building. Inside the building you will see  announcement as in figure below.
First, once you are inside, you need to go to right and you will see many papers and form. you need to fill the form with the patient identity and bring the form to the office and other documents.
Secondly, the staff will make a receipt paper and keep the document for online entry. after 3-7 days, you can come back to the office and show the receipt to the staff. You will get your original referral and appointment letter indicating which department you must see. However, this appointment letter is not the official letter.
Third step, you need to bring the appointment letter to the specialist department immediately. the location of the department is different depending on your diagnosis. You need to bring the appointment to the department and register the patient to the specialist. The staff on the main counter on the OPD will print you official appointment indicating the date you can meet the doctor.
Fourth step, on the day of appointment, you need to show the appointment to the staff and he will print some letter to the nurse. You can wait until the nurse call your name.
Sometime fifth step, after appointment, the doctor will give you referral for another appointment. Show your referral to the staff and get another appointment letter printed by the staff. Keep the appointment, you can repeat third step.

inside the left building, go right
The specialist doctor or Outpatient Department(OPD) are in different building. For example, ophthalmology OPD is in building 300. Building 300 itself has many OPD inside other than ophthalmology. It is located behind the left building.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Briyani, Bukhari, and Abyadh rice - Middle Eastern Culinary

Saudi Arabia and gulf countries are center of expatriate workers. Here are some guide lines for you to taste the different culinary in Saudi arabia. When the author asks a Saudian regarding original Saudian food, the person said that there is no original one. If we visit a middle eastern restaurant(Math'am), typically, we will find at least these three type of rice. 
The first first type is Briyani rice. This menu comes from India. if you visit india or any country with indian community inside, you can find this rice. the rice are less salty and long-grained. Briyani are characterized by its mixing. We can see from its mixing with mutton(lamb) or chicken cuttings. there is also variant with vegetables like green beans. the following image depict those type or rice. Lamb briyani is more bright than chicken briyani. Chicken briyani is more yellowish than lamb briyani.

Lamb Briyani(left), Chicken Briyani(middle), and Bukhari rice(right)
the other type of rice is bukhari rice or akhmar(red) rice. This rice is another type of middle eastern rice. it is featured by its reddish color. some time we can find raisins inside. this rice is sweeter than other.
white or abyadh rice

most restaurant will also offers the last type of rice, which is white(abyadh) rice. this rice is enriched by vegetables and beans(green and adas). this rice is more plain compared to other rice. some restaurant add fried onions as seasoning. some people also consider this as vegetable briyani.

there are more types of rices that we will discuss later on other post you can see on culinary category.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

2016 Saudi Arabia Calendar

Happy new year folks!
We think it is not too late for us to say that. We hope this year will be much better than the previous years.
2016 Saudi Arabia Calendar

We would like to say thanks for all support from the reader. Here, we share 2016 Saudi Arabia Calendar in pdf format. you can download it from the following link. Contact us if you can not open the link. The calendar is from lulu hypermarket pamphlet. You can also get the printed calendar on lulu hypermarket on its new pamphlet.

Khobar news team,