Sunday, January 10, 2016

Briyani, Bukhari, and Abyadh rice - Middle Eastern Culinary

Saudi Arabia and gulf countries are center of expatriate workers. Here are some guide lines for you to taste the different culinary in Saudi arabia. When the author asks a Saudian regarding original Saudian food, the person said that there is no original one. If we visit a middle eastern restaurant(Math'am), typically, we will find at least these three type of rice. 
The first first type is Briyani rice. This menu comes from India. if you visit india or any country with indian community inside, you can find this rice. the rice are less salty and long-grained. Briyani are characterized by its mixing. We can see from its mixing with mutton(lamb) or chicken cuttings. there is also variant with vegetables like green beans. the following image depict those type or rice. Lamb briyani is more bright than chicken briyani. Chicken briyani is more yellowish than lamb briyani.

Lamb Briyani(left), Chicken Briyani(middle), and Bukhari rice(right)
the other type of rice is bukhari rice or akhmar(red) rice. This rice is another type of middle eastern rice. it is featured by its reddish color. some time we can find raisins inside. this rice is sweeter than other.
white or abyadh rice

most restaurant will also offers the last type of rice, which is white(abyadh) rice. this rice is enriched by vegetables and beans(green and adas). this rice is more plain compared to other rice. some restaurant add fried onions as seasoning. some people also consider this as vegetable briyani.

there are more types of rices that we will discuss later on other post you can see on culinary category.

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