Monday, August 22, 2016

Mothercare Sale and Promotions

Here are few reports from current sale of some Mothercare branches in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We compiled the promotion, discount, and special offers from many events on Mothercare.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Massimo Dutti Sale

Massimo Dutti is the best brand for exclusive clothing. Every single model is exclusive for you. Everyone is waiting for its sale. Now, in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, we can get the sale on the best time. The sale ends on 27 August 2016.

The promotion is unbearable.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Unsubscribe from STC Internet Package

STC or SAWA is the largest telecommunication company in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Many subscriber choose STC as their mobile internet access. There are so many Internet packages from prepaid STC that are offered to customer with low costs. Some packages are offered daily, weekly, or monthly and some package are also offered to pay automatically once the package is expired.
STC Internet unsubscribe
Unsubscribe from STC Internet

To end or stop subscription from STC auto-pay scheme, you can send SMS 2009 to 900. The subscription will be stopped immediately and you are already unsubscribed from STC prepaid internet package.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Entering Saudi from Bahrain using Saudi Arabia Visit Visa

Bahrain is located near Khobar, Dhahran, and Dammam in KSA. It is possible to enter Saudi Arabia from Bahrain with Saudi visit Visa. If a person has Saudi Arabia visit visa or other entry visa, the person can enter Bahrain with Bahrain Short-Period Temporary Visa. The temporary visa is only valid 24 hours that allows a person to enter Saudi Arabia form Bahrain.
Saudi-Bahrain Causeway Immigration
Usually, if a person books a ticket to arrive at Dammam Bus Station, the airline will stop at Bahrain and move to Bus to travel via Causeway. Bahrain visit visa or visa on arrival is not available for all country, in case the Bahrain visa is not available, the person must pay 2 Bahrain Dinar to obtain temporary visa to travel to Saudi. For Saudi residents with Iqama or Muqeem Card, they can enter anytime. But for saudi visit visa, they must show that they will go to Saudi immediately by showing boarding pass, or Bus ticket or taxi reservation, person accompanied with resident does not need to show those reservation since he will go to Saudi with the resident. The requirements must be shown on the Bahrain airport immigration.

Max Summer Sale 2016

City Max is having summer sale. Here are our documentation.

Check their latest Women and Kids collections. The sale is incredible.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Red Tag Sale Summer 2016

Here comes summer. We have an interesting offers from Red Tag. Watch our videos on a few snapshots on the sale.

Do not miss out the sale. It is time to renew your styles after Eid vacation. The sale ends on 13 August 2016.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Family Visit Calling Visa Procedure KSA

If you are a resident in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and you want to make a calling visa for your family in your origin country for short term visit, family visit visa is the best option. If you want to make resident calling visa for long term or staying in KSA, you need to make calling visa for resident.
MoFA Dammam
Entrance to Counter of Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) Dammam

The requirements are very simple, you need to fill the detail of your family on the form in MoFA website. Choose resident option and then choose visa application for family visit. If you do not understand Arabic, you can change the language to English. Fill out your identity based on your iqama or muqeem card and Passport (you need your visa number). Submit the information, and fill out the identity of your family that you want to invite. You can invite your direct relatives such as parents, wife, and children. If your wife is in KSA with resident card (Muqeem card), you can also invite your parents in law. For brother and sister or your wife brother and sister, you can invite them but you most likely the application will be declined. But it is not a problem since you can try it many times. In the options, you can choose your parents or parents in law, wife or children, and others. You can use the other option(آخر) for brothers and sisters or other relatives. You need to fill the reason for visit as well, helping wife for taking care baby is one of the best reason for parents visit. Submit the application and print the form.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Driving School in Khobar KSA

For driving in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), you need a driving license. The regulation in KSA requires you to have Saudi Driving License. The license can be obtained easily if you have already driving license from other country. If the country origins are from USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, China, Malaysia, or other developed country, you can get the license directly after the translation. For other countries, you can take the exam directly and get the license after passing the exam.
Khobar Driving School
In case you do not have driving license, you need to take driving school since training outside the school is forbidden. You need to fill the form and get medical letter from authorized hospital.

Bossini KSA Sale

Bossini is a descent brand from east Asia. The quality, however, is the latest. The brand is having a huge sale. The sale is very amusing. Many model for children is on sale.
Bossini 20% - 70% sale
The discount is very interesting. Many clothes are in discount. The price is decreased with a huge magnitude.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

R&B Sale

R&B is a great brand on fashion. Modern style of clothing presents on R&B. On monthly basis, R&B always have a great deal. The deal can be in a form of specific pricing, percentage discount, or free bonuses.
R&B store in Dhahran Mall
The sale is still outperformed by other clothing retail. The sale, however, can not be rejected. The sale is ranging from 20% up to 75%.

Dammam Riyadh Railway Ramadan Schedule 2016

During Ramadan, Saudi Railway have their own schedule. The train will depart and arrive on different times. You can click image below to enlarge.
Train Schedule
As a good mass transportation, you can come to the railway station to buy ticket or order it online. The train is very comfortable. The train will go from Dammam to Riyadh and come back.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Ramadan Brochure Promotion

Ramadhan is a great chance for shopping in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). Many retails are having sale in Khobar area.
Carrefour brochure
 Carrefour is a giant retail from France. One of its branch is in Rasheed Mall.

Sports One Huge Sale

Sports One is a very famous sport accessories retail. Many sports accessories exist in the store.
Sports One Sale
Sports One was on sale then. The sale is very superior.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Carpisa Sale in KSA

Carpisa is now on sale. A big brands on bags and women fashion have multiple items for sale. Carpisa is well known for its simple yet high quality products. As an international brand from Italy, Carpisa preserves the best models, even, on its sale.
Sale up to 70%
Because of its specialties, Carpisa store can be indicated by its small yet exclusive interior. One can find the same model for all Carpisa branches in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Dhahran Mall branch, Khobar area, for instance, has a small store. Even during promotion, there are not too many changes on the appearances of the shop.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

The Big Sale of Iconic

Iconic is one the most decent brand of clothing. Every style from Iconic looks original and very special. Recently, Iconic has a big sale. The big sale gives you a big opportunity to change the your style.

The Big sale of Iconic 20-70% off
Iconic has a very large and comfortable store in Mall of Dhahran, Khobar area, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia(KSA). The store and interior design is very interesting. It always feels nice to do shopping inside the store. Every discount gives people a fresh air to keep exploring the store.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Twenty4 Super Sale

Twenty4 is newly brand in clothing in gulf country. Twenty4 now is on great sale. Many products are provided in the sale. In Kingdom of Saudi Arabia(KSA), the sale is also performed on Dhahran Mall, Khobar area.
Sale 25%-70%
The sale is unavoidable. Everyone must be attracted to the sale.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Saptco Bus Dammam and Riyadh Schedule

Saptco Bus is the largest mass transportation network in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia(KSA). The bus path covers all cities inside the kingdom and neighboring countries. The company has updated its schedule to be hourly. People can choose their trip according to their schedule. The trip by Saptco bus, however, take more time as the bus travels maximum limited by highway speed limit and will stops frequently for toilets and break. For Dammam to Riyadh travel for instance, the trip takes 6 hours.
Dammam Riyadh Trip Schedule (Blue Highlights indicate next day arrival)
The trip is available for almost every hour, everyday. People can book their trip using website or directly coming to the station. Once you book the trip, you can pay using credit card or SADAD. The trips are usually available until 2 hours before the trip. You must be at the station, at least 30 minute before departure to check in and register the baggage. If you come late, you can reschedule the trip without additional cost.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

City Max Big Sale of the Year

What is the best sale for fashion retail this year? It is almost in the middle of the year but people can say that Max, as known as City Max, sale is the best so far. As premium clothing network in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), Max sale makes people want to shop their money in the sale.
Max Sale 20% - 60%

There are several special offers. Max offers an extraordinary prices. Every money people spend on the offers can be recorded in the shukran card account.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Centre Point Big Sale

Centre Point is a regional retail in Middle East and South Asia. Centre Point has many branches in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA).  Centre Point contains many shop such as Baby Shop, Lifestyle, Shoe Mart, and some times Home Centre. This month, Centre Point has a very big sale. The sale is very great. However, Home Centre is not included in the sale.
Centre Point Sale from 20% to 70 %
Many items are sold in the promotion. Ladies clothing and shoes prices are reduced in the promotion.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Inc. Sale KSA

Inc is an international brand on clothing. Inc offers many stylish model for your daily activities. Inc is on Special Offers. Offers are implemented on many product.
Inc. Sale
The sale starts from 30 up to 70%. The sale is applied to many models.

Friday, April 29, 2016

F&F Great Sale

F&F has many branches in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). The brand is now having great sale. The sale is also available in Dhahran Mall and Corniche, Khobar area.
F&F Sale from 30 - 70%
The deal reduces many prices. The great deals make almost everyone can buy the luxurious items.

Sale Banana Republic

There are so many sale on Dhahran Mall, Khobar area, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Banana Republic is now on sale as well.
Banana Republic Sale
This opportunity may offer you many things. Highest quality of products is offered in special price.

Newyorker Sale KSA

Newyorker sale begins to be popular in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The sale is decreasing the prices. The sale is very huge.
Newyorker Sale 30-70%
Many items are sold in the promotion. The promotion can not be avoided. People must accept the Newyorker promotion.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

The Marks & Spencer Sale KSA

As one of the best brand on exclusive fashion, Marks & Spencer celebrate their opening branch in Dhahran Mall by a great sale. The sale is from 30 to 70% off. Selected items are applied for the sale in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
The M & S Sale
The promotion are applied to many products. Ladies blouse are applied in the promotion.

Sports Direct Sale 30%- 50%

Sports Direct is one of the largest shopping network on sport accessories and fashion. Sports Direct is having Sale. The sale start from 30 % - 50%.
Sports Direct Retail in Dhahran Mall
The promotion is very interesting. Many sport equipment are sold in this promotion.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

H&M Sale

This week is a very exciting week for you shoppers. Many International Products are in sale. Especially, in Gulf Countries, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) and its neighbor Oman, Qatar, UAE, Bahrain, and Kuwait. H&M as one the popular brand in clothing is having sale. Many products are sold in the sale for 20 SAR to 30 SAR. Clothes for ladies, cosmetics, and Kids fashion are also in sale.
H&M Sale
The promotion is very interesting. Some H&M items are in buy 2 get 1 free promotion. Ladies wardrobe can be renewed at low cost in this promotion.

Sunday, April 24, 2016


Suite Blanco is a premium brand on clothing. As a center of luxury items, gulf countries are the best place to purchase luxurious items. Suite Blanco has many branches in gulf countries such as Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Uni Arab Emirates, Oman, and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). In KSA, Suite Blanco is having a big sale. The sale is hard to resist. Every one should come and check the sale.
Suite Blanco Discount up to 70%
Suite Blanco is well known for its exclusive style. Suite Blanco will give us a formal look. The style is the best for businessman from head to toe. Now, we have discount up to 70% in Suite Blanco.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Nine West Sale Up To 70%

Eastern Region of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia(KSA) is a heaven for branded luxury items. Khobar area is a high class area that close to Bahrain as a center of shopping. This area is also close to Kuwait, Uni Arab Emirates, Qatar, and Oman. This week, many branded products like Nine West are having sale. The sale are applied to almost all product.
Lady bag on sale
The discount includes many styles up to 70% off. Nine West models with many colors like blue women bag and red hand bag are really interesting items. Some items are not included to the discount , however, the discount are very attractive.

ALDO on Sale

Aldo is one of the best brand on foot fashion. There are so many Aldo branches on Gulf countries like Uni Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. In Kingdom of Saudi Arabia(KSA) Aldo is having a great sale. The sale is very great starting from 30% up to 50%. Lady shoes with animal leather pattern can be purchased in the sale.
Aldo Sale from 30%
Aldo also provides promotion for woman bag. Lady bags are included in the promotion as well. Exclusive gentleman shoes are sold in the promotion.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

GAP Sale up to 70%

Gulf area is a heaven for branded products. There are so many branded items are sold with low prices. GAP as a one of top brand on clothing is having sale. You can update your wardrobe in this sale period.
GAP sale 30 % to 70%
This is a great promotion chance. Prices are cut down during this promotion.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016


As a great brand on women life style, GUESS has a great sale. The sale is very interesting since it includes many products by GUESS.
GUESS sale up to 50%
Promotion period is a rare chance. The promotion must not be missed since lady bag, lady watch, clothing are also in the promotion.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Red Tag Promotion KSA

Red Tag Promotion
Red Tag had big promotion last week. The promotion includes many items. Shoes, skirt, shirt, pants, and kids fashion are also included in the promotion. This promotion is valid for all branches in Khobar, Dammam, Jubail, etc.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Child and Family Festival at Khobar Corniche

Starting from last week, we can enjoy free entertainment for family and child in Khobar Corniche. The location is near the McDonald corniche. You can bring your children and family to see the attraction for free.
Festival for Kids and Family
You can see art and history exhibition. Painting, cartoon, and statues are presented.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Lulu Hypermarket Promotions

Lulu Hypermarket is well-known for its promotion theme. Early of this month, Lulu hypermarket has a big promotion topic on global culinary.  The promotion is very interesting, it includes daily promotions, live cooking, hourly offers, etc. As one of the largest grocery in KSA, Lulu in eastern area are having promotions.
Food Fiesta Promotion
The special offers are very amazing. They offer so many daily needs including fruits and meats with a very low price. You can get mandarin orange for only 3.95 SAR and Avocado Kenya for 5.95 SAR.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Riyadh Zoo Schedule and Sightseeing

Summer vacation is in a few weeks. Let's spend wonderful moment with family in a educational visits to the zoo. Riyadh Zoo offers excellent vacation. The zoo open for family in the weekend. This zoo is one of the most complete zoo in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Riyadh Zoo Schedule
The Schedule is very tight on Friday. It opens for Family from after Jumah Prayer(evening) until Maghrib Prayer(Evening). On Saturday,it opens from 9 AM until Maghrib Prayer(evening). Sunday the zoo closed for maintenance. The zoo open on Monday and Wednesday for male students and Tuesday and Thursday for Female students. Family can visit after 1pm on those days.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Basicxx The Big Sale

Basicxx is a new premium clothing brand in Middle East. They offer modern fashion style. In KSA, this spring Basicxx has a Big Sale. The sale is from 20%-60%.
Basicxx the Big Sale
In Dhahran Mall branch, Basicxx gives us a crazy discount. We can get so many items with discount. Kids Shoe and Bags are discounted with great reductions.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

New Look Now On Sale KSA

Spring is coming. It is time to upgrade our apparent. Your wardrobe should be updated. New Look as branded fashion retail is now on Sale. This sale is crazy, from 10%-50%. You can get many new clothes with low prices.
New Look now on Sale
There are so many new models for your daily activities. This is a rare chance to purchase special offers from New Look. Pants and Skirts are also included in the special offers. New Look offers so many new product for spring.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Koton Big Promotions

Koton provides high quality fashions for our daily lives. In Middle East, Koton is very popular and available in many Shopping Center. This Spring, Koton gives us a special offers on many product. They offer many interesting product.

Discount up to 50%
The discount is very high up to 50%, make sure, you will not miss it.  Women clothing have very high discount.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Dammam-Riyadh Railway Station Train Schedule

School vacation is over but there are so many options for another vacation plan. Spending holiday with kids in Saudi Arabia is very exciting. Regardless the monotonous scenery, we can go to many places with various vehicle. Train or Railway is a mass transport that is not very popular in KSA. But in Dammam, we can enjoy the trip by train. You can go to Riyadh from Dammam in only 4 hours of travel and enjoy desert train.
if you want to book a trip using railway, here are the schedule.
Dammam Riyadh Railway Train Schedule
If you just want to enjoy the experience, you can choose shorter trip to Hofuf, Al-Ahsa, or Abqaiq with shorter trip and cheaper cost. You will notice that the ticket for the trip are easily sold out. But it does not mean you can not go from Dammam to Riyadh or the other way on the same day. You can split the trip and choose the other train in the middle. For example, you choose train from Dammam to Hofuf , stop and wait, and choose another train from Hofuf to Riyadh. But, you need to do it manually and order the tickets in advance to ensure there is a seat for you in the transit. This is a good public transportation.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Hyper Panda 70% promotion KSA

Hyper Panda is one of the largest groceries network in KSA. Few weeks ago they have a great promotion. We could see the offers on many branches in Khobar, Dhahran, Dammam , Jubail, and many other places.
20%-70% Discount on Panda

The sale is very crazy. We can get many electronics with very low prices.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Home Centre, Saudi Arabia, Sale upto 70%

Home Centre in Khobar, Saudi Arabia has great discount. they have good offers for customer to refurnish their houses.
The Offer is until 70%
It is time to make our house great.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Carter's and OshKosh Sale at Dhahran Mall

When you need new attire for your kids, Carter's and OshKosh are the answer. Both brand provide you with the latest model of kids fashion. High quality design allows your kids to play actively outside. Now, this store in Dhahran Mall, Khobar-Dammam area, East Province, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, offers a very great promotion.
Carter's and OshKosh store in Dhahran Mall
The sale is up to 50%. Many items for babies and kids can be obtained with low prices. Toddler fashion is also available with cheap prices.
OshKosh and Carter's fashion
They have very good style for kids to play outside. the model are also good for winter and early spring fashion. Kids can play lively.
Kids Accessories

You can get many kids fashion accessories like sandals and hat starting form 19 SAR. The accessories allow your kid to play and enjoy the vacation joyfully.
Store opening hour
 you can visit the store on the opening hours. the store opens everyday.

50% discount also for kids shoes
Discount also available for kids shoes, both for boys and girls. The models are very attractive.
sock for 19SAR
To warm kids feet, socks are available starting from 19 SAR. there are so many models and colorful.
sale certificate
the certificate itself says that the discount are valid for 15 days. The promotion starts from 1437/04/17 until 1437/05/01 Hijri calendar coincides with 27 January 2016 until 10 February 2016. The store located at gate 6-7 Dhahran mall.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Reserved Sale Dhahran Mall

Middle East is a heaven for branded clothing shop. Dhahran Mall, near Khobar, East Province, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia provides many branded stores. One of them is RESERVED. Reserved is one of branded exclusive clothing retail in the world.
Reserved Sale
Recently, the store offers promotion with 25% to 70% discount. There are also buy 2 get 1 offers. You can also enjoy the luxurious style store. Keep you fashion updated.
Cool model Jacket from Reserved
Winter is a great season for fashion. there are so many stylish model for winter. You can get cool winter jacket for 145 SR from Reserved brand.
Women clothing promotion offers
You can also get women clothing with latest model from Reserved with sale price. Spring and Winter clothing is also available for you. Reserved is located at gate 6-7 Dhahran Mall. The promotion is relatively for short time.

25%-70% from cambers

You can get many good price for good clothing. The sale is valid for 30 days. The sale begin at 1437/03/30 until 1437/04/29 Hijri date corresponding to 10 January 2016 until 8 February 2016.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Ensure Services Authorized Service Center for HP, Lenovo, Toshiba, etc in Khobar-Dammam

If your electronic items got some problem or malfunctioning and it's still within factory warranty, it is better to bring your device to authorized service center to get free reparation services. For international brand like HP, Lenovo, Toshiba, Acer, Fujitsu, Compaq, Dell, etc you can come to Ensure Services on Hail Center, Khobar-Dammam Highway, Rakah area, Saudi Arabia. You can find many official service center for many brands including mentioned before.
Ensure Services on Hail Center, Khobar

To get free official services, you need to bring your devices, just in case you can bring all other accessories including the box, and original invoices. Most devices like gadget, mobile phones, LCD, printer, etc have one week store warranty and one year factory warranty. if it is still within store warranty you just need to come back to the store with item and the invoice, you can get new same item or money back. but, if it is outside store warranty but still within factory or manufacturer warranty you can come to the authorized service center. Ensure Services will give you official services including free parts if there is malfunctioning parts.
Ensure Services Arabia Staff
After showing your device and invoice, the staff will check the device and you can tell your complain for example your laptop can not start booting. They will give you receipt and you need to keep the receipt. the receipt contains your details and job order of the reparation. you can check the progress of your item from their website using the job order id. after one week or more, depend on the availability of the needed parts, you will get sms or email telling that your item has been fixed. come back to the office, bring your receipt, and take your item back. Sometimes, you need to check the your device if it is already fully working. if there is still something wrong you can return it immediately. if your device is out of warranty, there will be charge for the reparations and parts.
The office opens from 9am-1:30pm from Sunday to Thursday and 2:30pm-6:30pm on Friday and Saturday. You can contact Ensure Service office by phone +966 13 858 7682.