Thursday, April 28, 2016

Sports Direct Sale 30%- 50%

Sports Direct is one of the largest shopping network on sport accessories and fashion. Sports Direct is having Sale. The sale start from 30 % - 50%.
Sports Direct Retail in Dhahran Mall
The promotion is very interesting. Many sport equipment are sold in this promotion.

Bags, Luggage, and other accessories are in special offers. Sports Direct offers the item in a very low price. Drink Bottle are sold for 9 SAR. Socks, Basket Ball, and Soccer Ball, are also offered. MrLuggage, Reebok, Dunlop, and other top brands are also included in the offers.
Sport Accessories
Stylish fashion for sports are also in the discount. Shirts, Pants and Trousers are also in the discount. Top Brand like Nike and Lionsdale are also in the discount.
Pants for 39 SAR
Other items like shoes and helmet as head protector for bikers can be purchased in the deal. This is a great deal. Footwear brands like Skechers, Adidas, and Puma belong to the great deal as well.

Nike and Adidas
As a great chance, people may not miss this time. People will regret if it is missed.
Authorized Sale
The sale is authorized for 30 days. Unfortunately, the sale is over on 26 April 2016. The sale was available on Dhahran Mall, and other branches in Khobar area.

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