Friday, January 27, 2017

Leisure Time on Corniche Khobar

Khobar is located at East coast of Saudi Arabia. This town is close to the sea. The sea is connected to Persian Gulf. Khobar is also near to Dammam, the largest city in Eastern Province of KSA. This town is the neighbor of Dhahran which is the headquarters of Aramco, one of the largest petroleum company in the world. Since many oil reservoir are located in Persian gulf, Aramco pulls many stakeholders to make their branches in Khobar area. This makes Khobar grows rapidly into a big town with large heterogeneity.
Green Park Corniche

Event and Exhibition in Khobar Corniche

Khobar corniche has beautiful beach and sea. You can see fish or seagull on the beach. School of fish are swimming under water. Crabs and shrimp can be seen as well.  Seagull and other bird try to catch the fish. Some people spend their time for fishing.