Saturday, October 31, 2015

Cheapest Calrose Rice Brand in KSA so far

KSA is not a rice producing country. So rice is an expensive ingredient. For south east Asia like Malaysia and Thailand, calrose rice is a most familiar rice to their tounge. On many grocery, Calrose rice can reach 35 SAR. But on tamimi market, we can see an insteresting offer. 
Chopstick Calrose Rice

We can find 5 kg calrose rice with only 16 SAR. Chopstick brand offers us a great price of rice. This brand can be marked by blue pack.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Khobar Kharaj - Market for Used Stuffs

Where to find used stuff like chair and tables in Khobar with cheap price? You can find them in Khobar Kharaj Market.
Khobar Kharaj for Used Stuffs

The location is near to Aziziyah district. You can also find used electronics households like refrigerator, AC, TV,  microwaves, and etc.
Used TV and Oven
We suggest you to bring your friends and to help you pick up heavy items like chair or cupboard because the seller will offer you their worker and charge you with expensive cost. Unless you buy many stuffs at once because it's not worthy to buy few items and the workers charge you with the same cost.

Note that actually people in Saudi Arabia loves to put away their used stuffs like chair if they buy new ones. They will put the used stuffs near the trash can or corner of street. You can find easily especially near Eid occasion. The dump truck will take them and sell them on Kharaj eventually. If you see that stuff just grab them before anyone else take it.
Typical Abandoned Chair in Khobar

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Mothercare KSA Seasonal Sale 2015

Our reporter visits  Mothercare Khobar Mall branch KSA. We see some interesting offers from Mothercare. There is a Seasonal Sale for Fall 2015. We can found more than 50% off. Here are some picture from our reporter Ahmad Ihdal.
Mothercare seasonal sale Khobar Mall Branch

50% off seasonal sale
We also found some items with discount more than 50%.
from 140SR to 60SR

Monday, October 19, 2015

Cheapest Milk Powder in Saudi Arabia so far

Middle East, Especially Gulf Countries are infamous of its high living cost. Even so, petrol or gas is very cheap on some countries. In Khobar area, there are some small grocery franchise like Othaim Market in Dammam that sells some brand that is not sold in big Grocery like Panda. Those brands can have very low price compared to popular brand but the quality is maintained. I think it's brand is Nukhbah in arabic.
What Brand is it?

Other branches

Our reporter visited Khobar Mall supermarket on Friday 16 October 2015 and found very interesting offers. We found Milk Powder 1.8 Kg with very low price, with only 29.95 SAR and 30SAR.The lowest price of the milk powder goes to Al-Zook Milk Powder.
Milko and Al-Zook Milk Powder
We can also found some other brand with close prices. But it is interesting to look exhaustively all brand in KSA since this is an interesting country.
Other Brand