Monday, October 19, 2015

Cheapest Milk Powder in Saudi Arabia so far

Middle East, Especially Gulf Countries are infamous of its high living cost. Even so, petrol or gas is very cheap on some countries. In Khobar area, there are some small grocery franchise like Othaim Market in Dammam that sells some brand that is not sold in big Grocery like Panda. Those brands can have very low price compared to popular brand but the quality is maintained. I think it's brand is Nukhbah in arabic.
What Brand is it?

Other branches

Our reporter visited Khobar Mall supermarket on Friday 16 October 2015 and found very interesting offers. We found Milk Powder 1.8 Kg with very low price, with only 29.95 SAR and 30SAR.The lowest price of the milk powder goes to Al-Zook Milk Powder.
Milko and Al-Zook Milk Powder
We can also found some other brand with close prices. But it is interesting to look exhaustively all brand in KSA since this is an interesting country.
Other Brand

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