Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Khobar Kharaj - Market for Used Stuffs

Where to find used stuff like chair and tables in Khobar with cheap price? You can find them in Khobar Kharaj Market.
Khobar Kharaj for Used Stuffs

The location is near to Aziziyah district. You can also find used electronics households like refrigerator, AC, TV,  microwaves, and etc.
Used TV and Oven
We suggest you to bring your friends and to help you pick up heavy items like chair or cupboard because the seller will offer you their worker and charge you with expensive cost. Unless you buy many stuffs at once because it's not worthy to buy few items and the workers charge you with the same cost.

Note that actually people in Saudi Arabia loves to put away their used stuffs like chair if they buy new ones. They will put the used stuffs near the trash can or corner of street. You can find easily especially near Eid occasion. The dump truck will take them and sell them on Kharaj eventually. If you see that stuff just grab them before anyone else take it.
Typical Abandoned Chair in Khobar

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