Friday, November 6, 2015

Metal Detector on Dhahran Mall Entrance

Starting from last month, most indoor public area like Mall and Shopping area are equipped with Metal Detector. Our reporter notes that at least two Malls in Khobar and Dhahran area use metal detector on their entrance gate. For instance in Dhahran Mall there are metal detector for women and men after entrance. They have their special female staff that will check the content of our bag and women belongings. For men, the security will check using hand/portable metal detector.
Metal Detector and Bag checking at Dhahran Mall
We will also find similar treatment on IKEA Dhahran. This treatment are due to prevent terrorist threat and attack that is become major fear source in Saudi Arabia this year.

Monday, November 2, 2015

1.8KG Milk Powder with only 22 SAR?

Our last post on the cheapest milk powder must be updated. The current price for the item is much lower. Last night our reporter visited the outlet and found that we can get the milk powder imported from New Zealand with only 22.95SAR.
Prime Supermarket
Al Zook Milk Powder

The brand is the same, Al Zook, but the supermarket cut the price. This item can be found on Prime Supermarket , Khobar Mall.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

MOI Self Service Machine at Dhahran Mall

For those who are living in Khobar and Dhahran area and want to get KSA interior self service like single exit reentry visa. You need to activate your account from a self service machine. One of the location is at Khobar Passport office. You can also find the machine at Dhahran Mall next to gate 12.
Abshar Self Service Machine on Dhahran Mall
Once you have activated the service you can use the absher/abshar service from home. This is a very useful public service.