Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Riyadh Zoo Schedule and Sightseeing

Summer vacation is in a few weeks. Let's spend wonderful moment with family in a educational visits to the zoo. Riyadh Zoo offers excellent vacation. The zoo open for family in the weekend. This zoo is one of the most complete zoo in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Riyadh Zoo Schedule
The Schedule is very tight on Friday. It opens for Family from after Jumah Prayer(evening) until Maghrib Prayer(Evening). On Saturday,it opens from 9 AM until Maghrib Prayer(evening). Sunday the zoo closed for maintenance. The zoo open on Monday and Wednesday for male students and Tuesday and Thursday for Female students. Family can visit after 1pm on those days.

Birds Cage
 You can see many types of bird in the zoo. The cages are well maintained. Quails, Cockatoo, and other variants can be seen in the zoo.
Flamingo Cage and Lakes
 There are also Flamingos cage and its beautiful lake. You can see the group of flamingos swimming. other animal like giraffe, elephant, lion, monkeys, etc can be viewed well from a safe distance. There are small train with cheap ticket that allows you to go around the zoo comfortably. However, you need to wait to get the tickets, since the queue is very long.


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