Monday, March 21, 2016

Koton Big Promotions

Koton provides high quality fashions for our daily lives. In Middle East, Koton is very popular and available in many Shopping Center. This Spring, Koton gives us a special offers on many product. They offer many interesting product.

Discount up to 50%
The discount is very high up to 50%, make sure, you will not miss it.  Women clothing have very high discount.

Koton Promotions in Many Products
This is a very rare chance to grasp the promotion. New model for many style of clothing is included in the promotions.
Koton Sale only 19 SAR
The sale is very crazy. We can get stylish model in sale season with only 19 SAR.
Sale in many types
As a branded clothing stores, in Koton, there are so many items in sale with cheap prizes. The style is updated. make sure your wardrobe updated this sale season.

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