Sunday, July 31, 2016

Entering Saudi from Bahrain using Saudi Arabia Visit Visa

Bahrain is located near Khobar, Dhahran, and Dammam in KSA. It is possible to enter Saudi Arabia from Bahrain with Saudi visit Visa. If a person has Saudi Arabia visit visa or other entry visa, the person can enter Bahrain with Bahrain Short-Period Temporary Visa. The temporary visa is only valid 24 hours that allows a person to enter Saudi Arabia form Bahrain.
Saudi-Bahrain Causeway Immigration
Usually, if a person books a ticket to arrive at Dammam Bus Station, the airline will stop at Bahrain and move to Bus to travel via Causeway. Bahrain visit visa or visa on arrival is not available for all country, in case the Bahrain visa is not available, the person must pay 2 Bahrain Dinar to obtain temporary visa to travel to Saudi. For Saudi residents with Iqama or Muqeem Card, they can enter anytime. But for saudi visit visa, they must show that they will go to Saudi immediately by showing boarding pass, or Bus ticket or taxi reservation, person accompanied with resident does not need to show those reservation since he will go to Saudi with the resident. The requirements must be shown on the Bahrain airport immigration.

During the trip from Bahrain to Khobar, person with visit visa must get down from the car to scan the fingerprints on the Saudi-Bahrain Border on King Fahd Causeway immigration. Meanwhile the resident can stay in the car or accompany the person. On some case, especially traveling by bus (SABTCO), all passenger must get down and open the luggage, which is very troublesome.

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