Friday, May 11, 2018

Doum Fruit in Khobar

Doum palm (Hyphaene thebaica) is a native plant in Arabian Gulf and North Africa region. It is well known for its fruit that is called Doum or Dom fruit (دوم). In Malay or Indonesia, it is called Buah Dzurriyat or Zurriyat or Adam and Hawa (Adam and Eve). People used to believe this fruit is very useful for fertility and vitality.

Doum Fruit
The fruit is like a small coconut with a very hard shell. If you can open it, the inner flesh is like tiny coconut but with less water. The plant itself is like palm or coconut tree. However, it is difficult to find this plant in Dammam or Khobar desert.

You can find this fruit most likely in a spice shop. It is difficult to find this items in large groceries like Panda or Tamimi. Some people tried to find it in a modern spice shop but you need to say that you are looking for doum fruit.
Spice Shop in Khobar

One of the stores that sells this fruit is Al Kaltham Spices in Khobar Samaliya. It is located at Prince Bandar Street between cross 7 and 8. The fruit is from Yaman. Each piece of fruit is 5 SAR but you can get a cheaper price if you purchase a lot. You can also find other type of traditional herbs or honey in this store.

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